Soakaways are relatively simple structures used as part of a drainage system.  Within a septic tank system, a soakaway is the final part of the process, returning waste water to ground after it has been stored to let bacteria breed and break down any pollutants and have the solid elements removed.

Septic tank soakaways may be constructed using several metres of trench lines filled with sand or clean granulated stone (gravel), through which the effluent is distributed along a perforated pipe. Modern soakaway systems are alot different to the original use of stone.

The size of soakaway system required depends on the number of residents the system is serving, whether it is connected to a septic tank or treatment plant, and how porous the subsoil is.  Soak-aways are possible when the ground into which they are put is of a sandy or chalky nature, allowing the liquid to drain away rapidly; it is no use trying to employ a soak-away in heavy clay soil. To determine this a porosity test should be carried out, which involves digging test pits and filling them with water. Based on how long it takes for these to empty, it is possible to calculate the permeability of the soil and, therefore, the size of soakaway required.

If the level of the natural water table in the area is of crucial importance.  If it rises above the base of the soakaway system, its operation and efficiency may be greatly reduced. In such cases, an effluent pump system may help to solve the problem.


Bates Environmental can supply and install Ezy Drain type soakaway product either as part of a septic tank drainage system, if a survey deems this suitable, or for more general storm/rain water clearance. The soakaway Ezy Drain type technology means that the soak-away can be either permeable textile to allow infiltration, or impermeable geomembrane for storage.

Ezy Drain type soakaway's are light and easy to handle and install.  These soak-aways are suitable for all applications from light loading.

You must speak to the building control in your own area to ensure the products we are quoting for are suitable for instillation in your area.


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